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Howes Cave



Granite 2
(20" x 10")

Granite 3
(10" x 6")

Granite 4
(22" x 8")
Cripplebush Valley Models - Granites

Granite 5
(20" x 15")

Granite and other similar igneous rocks are often found in mountainous areas. From the Appalachians to the Rockies, the tallest, steepest mountains in the core of the mountain range are often made of granite.

What do they look like?  It's easier to start with what they're not like.  They lack the clear, layered appearance of sedimentary rocks.  You may find parts of a granite outcrop where the cracks are parallel to each other, but you won't find the detailed, thin sheets that are found in shales, for example. 

In natural granite outcrops, it's common to see a random, blob-like appearance. 

We offer two castings to model weathered granite outcrops.  Granite 2 is made up of random, rounded blobs.  Granite 4 is a little less rounded, with an overall planar shape that makes it a good choice for areas.  Either one can be cut and fitted to any size area you need on your layout.

And don't forget, in a fresh cut near the tracks, the granite often won't be weathered at all.  Frequently, you will see a blocky appearance, which we have modeled in Blocky 1.


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